2017 Trail Construction Dates

Book a Saturday and give back to the trails.

The GBCTA are looking for volunteers to construct/maintain West Bragg Creek Trails.  This is a great way to meet other trail users and give back to the trails we all use.  The day will begin at 9:00 am with a safety talk, then those who have elected to bike will ride to the worksite.  The hiking group will start working right at the trailhead.

Directions to the West Bragg Creek Parking Lot:  http://www.albertaparks.ca/west-bragg-creek

Print and complete a “Volunteer Agreement” prior to your arrival (if this is your first 2017 trail day): http://braggcreektrails.org/files/Volunteer_Agreement_May2015.pdf

Review “What to Bring and What To Expect On A Trail Day”http://braggcreektrails.org/files/What-to-expect-bring.pdf

See all of our scheduled trail construction dates
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