Important Note to WBC Trail Users

The occurrence of an accident with one of our volunteers earlier this autumn has necessitated a suspension of volunteer activities by the GBCTA. This means that we won’t be able to use volunteers to either clear deadfall from the trails after the recent wind events or to pack and track the beautiful snow that has just fallen. We are working hard with Parks and Public […]

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GBCTA Trail Talk – Oct 2017 – Published in High Country News

The expanded and upgraded West Bragg Creek Parking Lot has been open since early August. Trail users are enjoying the extra space for parking, the additional washrooms and the way all the trails connect around the parking lot. A few details are still unfinished:

• Access road paving – should be complete by end of September, weather dependent
• Maintenance compound buildings – should be complete by […]

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Early Season – Ski Trails Are Easily Damaged

The recent wet conditions are causing very soft paths at West Bragg Creek, especially on the ski trails. If they stay wet and don’t freeze up, they could be damaged by users, such as narrow tire bikes or horses. Please check the trail report before going out for yellow and red flags and please avoid areas that could be damaged.  Mountain road remains ok for […]

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