The ongoing board for the GBCTA is:

Executive and Directors:

  • Peter Tucker – President
  • Robert Sadée – Past President
  • Con Schiebel – Vice President
  • Lorne McLash – Secretary
  • Sandy Bruce
  • Mike Christ – Treasurer
  • David Easton – Asst Treasurer
  • Simon Weekley – Director (Ski Subcommittee)
  • Alf Skrastins – Director (WBCASTP)
  • Baruch Laskin – Director (Redwood Subcommittee)

2015 Board News

It is with great pleasure that I would like to let you know that Peter Tucker has accepted the position of President with the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA).  Peter brings in a wealth of experience; as current Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Peter is also a long time resident of Bragg Creek and has been an active volunteer in the many projects of the GBCTA.  The GBCTA has a tremendous history of wonderful volunteers, building community spirit and constructing great community projects, I am very confident that Peter will be capable and enthusiastic in continuing to lead the GBCTA.

After founding the GBCTA over 11 years ago and having served as President for all that time, I have decided to retire and am in the process of moving to the coast, however  I will remain on the Executive as Past President for the next year and continue to Lead the West Bragg Creek Trail project (TransCanada Trail).  I have enjoyed working with everyone and in seeing community projects such as the Banded Peak Trail, Banded Peak Connector, Centennial Trail (incl. rebuild after the flood!) and the Redwood Trail come to completion.  It is also with great pleasure to see our group draw to a conclusion the successful implementation of the West Bragg Creek All Season Trail Plan and the ongoing success of the Ski trail track setting.

Cheers Everyone and wishing you many Happy Trails,

Robert Sadée

Introduction to Peter Tucker – New President

Several weeks ago, at the Trails Association Annual General meeting, I was asked to stand for the presidency, taking over the role filled by founding member Robert Sadee for the past 11 years. While truly quite honoured to be asked, I really wasn’t certain whether I wanted to do this. I’ve been involved with the association for years, but largely as a ski trail groomer and summer trail builder/maintenance guy. It’s work that gives me immense joy and I needed to think carefully if I wanted to risk having to give some of that up. And if I didn’t give that up, what then would I need to trim from a balanced, but full plate. Ultimately, the deciding factor was the belief that I could have a positive effect on bridging the success of our trails with the needs of the hamlet. There is a synergy left on the table that, if properly leveraged, can play a key role in the revitalization of our community. Hard to say no to that.

My background is diverse: outdoor educator, wildlife biologist, manager of Mountain Equipment Coop, West African drum teacher and presently Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. I love to mountain bike, road bike, climb, ski, paddle, hike – pretty much anything that gets me outside. In leadership roles for 35 years, my style is kind of akin to that of a conductor – orchestra, not train. As a conductor, my aim is to know the whole score and bring in the right players at the right time, with sensitivity and a finely tuned ear. Truth is, though, that this association is running so well and has so many amazing players, my work will be largely to clear obstacles and stay out of the way. And if I can help us move forward, particularly in collaborating with the community to help it grow and prosper, then I’ll be happy.

I hope to see you out on the trails. Look for the guy waving a baton like a wizard’s wand, hoping it will help him get up the next hill.

Peter Tucker