Conclusion to the Barbed-wire Incident

Hello West Bragg Creek trail users and volunteers,

I just wanted to update everyone on the barbed wire scenario that was circulating a while back. The RCMP have determined via an eyewitness and physical evidence that the person who claimed to have been clotheslined by barbed wire on Merlin View trail had actually been riding a motorized vehicle on private property when he ran into a barbed wire fence. He was not riding a bike – nor was he on a trail on public land. This has now been confirmed as well by the perpetrator, Mr Psaroudakis, himself. The RCMP have laid charges for fraud and public mischief.

The trails in West Bragg Creek and on Moose Mountain that you love to walk, bike or ride your horse on continue to be safe. I would like to thank the RCMP, the enforcement department of Alberta Environment and Parks, our fellow trail associations (CMBA and MMBTS) as well as everyone who worked to ensure that there were no barbed-wire traps on any of our trails for your excellent efforts in helping to bring closure to this episode. The law will now determine the fate of Mr Psaroudakis.

On another note, it appears as though access to the West Bragg Creek parking lot will remain closed until approximately the end of July so that the reconstruction and paving can be completed. We will keep you all posted as the dates may change. You can still access our trails from the South via Allen Bill or Station Flat off of Highway 66.

Happy trails,

Peter Tucker
Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

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