Kananaskis Public Access Defibrillation Program

Great News!!!

2017 funding for the Kananaskis Public Access Defibrillation (KPAD) program has been approved and that we will be placing one of the units in your site at the West Bragg Creek Trails Centre.

We recognize the high level of visitorship in the West Bragg Creek trails system and the potential for an event to occur due to the number of users and the activities performed. Every year over 40,000 Canadians will suffer sudden cardiac arrest, that is one person every 12 minutes. Research has proven the effectiveness of early CPR and early defibrillation can increase chances of survival by up to 75%.

The KPAD program is the first of its kind within a park in terms of coverage and access to these lifesaving devices. Each unit is placed at a site, but functions to cover a 10km radius from the site, creating a network of coverage throughout Kananaskis.

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