WBC TCT Phases 2/3 is not yet open for horseback riding

The recently constructed WBC TCT Phases 2/3 is not yet open for horse back riding due to [...]

September 30 Celebration Postponed

September 30 Celebration Postponed for the West Bragg Creek (WBC) Trans Canada Trail (TCT) and Provincial Recreation [...]

GBCTA in SnoOps Magazine

GBCTA and Jeff Hughes are the cover story this month. Jeff Hughes and the GBCTA won the [...]

Trans Canada Trail – Phases 2/3 Update

Construction of the West Bragg Creek Trail (TCT) Phases 2/3 in Rocky View County is expected to [...]

New Bridge Construction on Sugar Mama

Materials were delivered by helicopter for the construction of new bridge on Sugar Mama this past weekend. [...]

WBC Access Road Construction Complete

New parking lot and new paved access road - all finished.


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