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A Huge Thank you To Our Winter Trails Team!

I think most will agree this has been a most exceptional year - huge thanks go to [...]

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AEP placed CNT#170007

Effective December 15, 2017 AEP placed CNT#170007 on the 9,299 ha encompassing the subject trails as per [...]

50/50 Fundraiser

Mar 25 Update Thanks very much for your donations - we are many weeks into the “50 [...]

Guidelines for Dogs in WBC

Dogs are permitted on the West Bragg Creek Trails, but please be a responsible dog owner. Dogs [...]

GBCTA – Did You Know?

Did you know ... ? Since 2007, the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association (GBCTA) has constructed over [...]

GBCTA Trail Talk – Dec 2017 – Published in High Country News

West Bragg Creek (WBC) Trans Canada Trail (TCT) – Snow Ploughing The WBC TCT in RVC was [...]

Standard First Aid Courses For Volunteers > FREE

Have you volunteered with the GBCTA in the 2016/2017 season? Are you interested in free Standard First [...]

TCT Snow Ploughing

West Bragg Creek (WBC) TransCanada Trail (TCT) in Rocky View County (RVC) Snow Ploughing The WBC TCT [...]

GBCTA Trail Talk – Nov 2017 – Published in High Country News

Trans Canada Trail (TCT) – Phases 2/3 Update The West Bragg Creek portion of the Great Trail [...]

Bear Tracks in WB

On Sat Nov 4 bear tracks were seen on Upper and Lower Crystal til it took off [...]

Important Note to WBC Trail Users

The occurrence of an accident with one of our volunteers earlier this autumn has necessitated a suspension [...]

GBCTA Trail Talk – Oct 2017 – Published in High Country News

The expanded and upgraded West Bragg Creek Parking Lot has been open since early August. Trail users [...]


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