20/20 Final Update – And our total is……

$21,300!!! We are truly humbled by your generosity. Thank you so very much! With your incredible support [...]

Trails Centre Is Open in West Bragg Creek

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association happily announces the opening of a trails centre located on the [...]

Calgary Cycle and Devinci Trail Fundraiser

Back in September Calgary Cycle teamed up with Devinci and organized a bike raffle to benefit the local trail associations around [...]

2016 All Season Trails Work Plan

Upgrade 16.7 kilometers of cross country ski trails : $30,000 Moose Loop (5.8 km), Iron Springs (4.7 km), Elbow (5.2 km), Loggers (0.1 km), West [...]

West Bragg Creek Trail Host Volunteers Needed

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) is in need of volunteers to be West Bragg Creek [...]

West Bragg Creek Trails 2015 Summary

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association achieved a very successful 2015 work season. Volunteers contributed 9087 hours of work and $172,000 [...]


Join a team of highly dedicated volunteers who work to make this are a spectacular destination in all seasons.