Trans Canada Trail – Phases 2/3 Update

Construction of the West Bragg Creek Trail (TCT) Phases 2/3 in Rocky View County is expected to be complete by about September 30 for 2017 weather permitting. The trail has 3/4 inch gravel in place and will be top coated during September with a finer gravel mix to provide a smoother surface than currently is in place on Phase 1. Phase 1 may also be top coated with this finer gravel mix in September, provided the GBCTA has sufficient funding. Signage and 2 crosswalks are also planned for installation later in September on Phases 2/3. Seeding of trail organic side slopes needs to wait until moisture conditions are satisfactory just before freeze up in October. Final proper compacting of the gravel is also planned for September now that we have received some much needed rain.

The pedestrian bridge just east of Wildrose, 472 meters of strong post guardrail and 600 meters of trail along Mountain View Park Road have been deferred until sufficient funding is raised.

The GBCTA will have spent $1.2 million on Phases 2/3 by September 30 with major funding provided by TransCanada Trail, Alberta Government Community Facilities Enhancement Program, Alberta TrailNet, Rocky View County, The Calgary Foundation and GBCTA fundraising and donations.

The GBCTA would like to thank all those who have supported this trail with funding, volunteer work or whatever you did to help make this project a reality.

We would like to recognize volunteer leaders Peter Tucker, Conrad Schiebel, Greg Potter, Bill Hoyne, Carber Goodlet, Willie Prebushewsky, Dean Cockshutt, Doug McKeague, Alf Skrastins, Mike Christ, David Cebuliak, Jeff Hughes and Dan Creaser.

We would also like to recognize Janice and Mike Wattam and Noel Nelson for agreeing to provide much needed trail Right of Way on their private land.

Finally we would like to thank John Lajeunesse and the folks at Bragg Creek Excavating for their extensive efforts since this spring to construct this major trail.

We sincerely hope trail users enjoy this major new trail that helps connect our community while improving public safety and providing numerous other benefits.

Submitted by:
Eric Lloyd, Special Projects Coordinator (volunteer), GBCTA

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