Effective May 25, 2017

All parking north of West Bragg Creek Road will be closed to allow for safe construction activities. This area will be under a full closure with no public access permitted until further notice. See map below

During this time, limited parking will be available on the south side of West Bragg Creek Road in the newly developed parking area to be used on an “At Your Own Risk” basis. The lot will be graded flat but will have a dirt surface and may be muddy or slippery under wet conditions.

WBC North Trails Detour

As of early next week, there will be no trail user access through the original WBC parking lot.

We have constructed a temporary detour, to provide users with full access to all of the north-side trails, while safely avoiding the construction zone (which includes the bit of Mountain Road with the roller-packer on it).

The detour will follow Chickadee Loop to the ramp up to Mountain Road.  It then goes west on Mountain Road to a point about 100m past the construction zone and 50m east of the old green gate.

Here are some photos of the detour that we have constructed, to link Mountain Road with Braggin Rights.

  • The detour starts from Mountain Road, about 100m west of the construction zone. I have requested signage to direct people to this point.
    We have placed a map sign on Mountain Road at the start of the detour.  I’ve asked for a “DETOUR” sign on this post.=
  • The detour climbs in a north-east direction and joins Braggin Rights at the junction with the new Braggin Rights alignment.  The old Braggin Rights alignment could be closed off with snow-fencing at this point.  A “Trail Closed” or “Construction Zone-Do Not Enter” sign on the snow fencing should be very visible.
  • Requested 3 signs at this junction:
    • Braggin Rights“, with a left arrow
    • Whitetail-Snowshoe Hare-East Telephone-Hostel“, with a right arrow
    • To Parking Lot“, with a right arrow.
  • The new Braggin Rights alignment connects with Whitetail, which links to Snowshoe Hare, which links to Hostel Loop and East Telephone.  Trail users can therefore get to any of the north-side trails via this single detour.


For more information on this project: Please see ‘Public Notifications’ at www.AlbertaParks.ca/consult