WBC TCT Phases 2/3 is not yet open for horseback riding

The recently constructed WBC TCT Phases 2/3 is not yet open for horse back riding due to soft tread conditions. The trail is not expected to be firm enough for horse back riding until the summer of 2018. The trail still needs additional compaction by both our contractor and Mother Nature. The GBCTA intends to develop and implement an etiquette policy for the entire WBC TCT from the Hamlet of Bragg Creek to West Bragg Creek in the coming months. It will include at a minimum that horseback riders remove their horse’s manure from the trail immediately and that horse back riders do not use the trail when it is soft and vulnerable to damage. This is intended to provide an enjoyable and sustainable trail for all types of non motorized trail users.

For those horseback riders that live in WBC, please spread the word to other riders.

The RR54 section of the trail was used and tread damaged on September 23 by 2 ladies horse back riding from either RR 54 (north) or WBC road (west).

The green 5 feet wide GBCTA gate on RR54, 1.7 km south from the WBC road junction, that provides public access to K-Country was recently locked by the GBCTA to discourage horse back riders from attempting to access K-Country via the newly constructed WBC TCT along RR54. The GBCTA has legal responsibility for the construction, operation and maintenance of the WBC TCT in RVC. The cost to repair horse back riding damage to this newly constructed legacy trail would be prohibitive for the GBCTA, hence the closure.

There are numerous trails in West Bragg Creek in Kananaskis Country that are available for equestrian use that are accessible from the newly expanded WBC parking lot.

We trust the aforementioned information clarifies why the WBC TCT in RVC is not yet open to horseback riding.

Questions on this matter currently should be directed to Bill Hoyne, GBCTA.

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