When hiking or biking use All-Season Trails, Mountain Road or snowshoe trails.

Snowshoers use snowshoe trails, All-Season Trails, and the meadows adjacent to the Mountain Road.

Several options exist for other trail users during the winter season.  During the fall of 2010, the GBCTA hand built the 5.5 km long Snowshoe Hare loop for snowshoers.  In addition, the GBCTA has built almost 40 km of new all-season trails that are ideal for hiking, fat tire biking, dog walking, and snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing, biking and walking is recommended on these trails to help prevent damage on the groomed ski trails.  The trails also provide access to additional off-trail terrain into second growth and glades for snowshoers.

Due to environmental sensitivity, Snowshoe Hare loop is closed annually from March 31 to Nov. 30.

Please note that not all trails on the summer map are completed, and caution is advised until complete signage is installed.

Please see our Trail Etiquette