The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association came into existence in 2004, as part of the Rocky View County’s Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan (ASP).

It was recognized that a local group was needed to manage and develop trails in the area and subsequently several members of the ASP sub-committee created the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association.  Today we have very many households, which provide support towards pathway development and help with our ongoing activities. We are a registered society with charitable status.

Our guiding principles and conceptual routing originate from the Greater Bragg Creek ASP approved by the community in 2005.  Our objective is to create pathways that connect our community and provide access for all residents of Bragg Creek to historical, cultural, recreational and scenic venues in our wonderful community.  In addition the Association, in cooperation with Kananaskis Country, helps to maintain trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding in the West Bragg Creek Recreational Area.

The Pathways we build help to improve the quality of life, encourage active and healthy life styles in a clean environmental fashion.  With pathways strategically located within our community, we believe we are creating a safer form of infrastructure that allows us to access our beautiful outdoors while reducing our dependence on cars and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Many years we carry out a ‘Family Fun Run Day – 3Km and 10 Km’ (typically held during Bragg Creek Days) for joggers and dog walkers.  This annual events is very popular and successful in raising funds.  All of our revenues are raised from: fundraisers, private donations and grants.

Check out our EVENTS for all the things we have on the go!  Your continued support is very much appreciated and is critical for our ongoing activities.