GBCTA 2019 Fundraising Appeal

The GBCTA has a number of major trail initiatives underway in 2019 that need your financial support.  We rely on your donations to maintain the trail system – without you, we would not be able to maintain our trails.

What’s on the list for 2019:

  1. West Bragg Creek (Kananaskis Country) trails grooming, maintenance, mowing, brushing, tread repairs, reroutes, upgrades, construction, Kestrel trail construction, signage and Trails […]
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Freeze Thaw Update in WBC

While many are treating this mild winter with glee, the folks at the GBCTA are being challenged with changing conditions on a continual basis. The chinook winds have blown over 130 trees onto the trails to date. These have been dealt with efficiently by our small band of certified chainsaw wielding volunteers. Our new fleet of trail grooming motorcycles have been invaluable in getting to […]

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Youth Optical Biathlon Training in WBC

Youth Training in Optical Biathlon with the EcoAims camera based optic rifle

You may notice a new sport on the West Bragg Creek trails when you are out enjoying this beautiful multi use recreational area. XC Bragg Creek Ski & Bike Society has introduced a new program this year- youth Biathlon, a combination of skate skiing and marksmanship.  Young athletes ages 9-12 are experiencing this sport […]

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West Bragg Creek Trail Etiquette

West Bragg Creek Trail Etiquette, Trail Types, User Recommendations and Safety

Welcome to West Bragg Creek Trails. This is a multi-use, non-motorized recreation area.

Since this is non-motorized trails system that welcomes a wide variety of users we ask that you extend a few common courtesies to your fellow trail users and respect the facilities that have been provided for your enjoyment.

Trailhead Parking and Perimeter Trail

  • There […]
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WBC Winter Equestrian Update

About Horseback Riding in the Winter in West Bragg Creek

  • Equestrians are welcome on the All Season trails system, shown on maps in brown colour, EXCEPT those that are designated as ski trails from Dec 1 to March 31 annually
  • Where the access to these trails shares sections with ski trails, such as accessing Ranger Summit or Boundary Ridge from the Parking area, please stay […]
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West Bragg Creek – Trans Canada Trail Update

Dec 19 2018

In early 2018, the GBCTA raised $ 500,000 from Rocky View County ($331,000) and TransCanada Trail Foundation ($169,000) to complete the construction of a pedestrian bridge, just east of Wild Rose, and 472 meters of strong post guardrail that is required as per the Rocky View County approved design for the subject trail.

The strong post guard rail was installed for the GBCTA in […]

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Fat Bike Grooming Fundraiser

Fat Bike Fat Wallet Update – Jan 1st 2019

The GBCTA would like to thank all those who donated to our successful Fat Bike Grooming Fundraising Campaign.  We would especially like to thank Alison and Darrell Jones, who donated $12,000 and enabled us to significantly exceed our goal of $12,000.  We raised $18,911 for fat bike grooming equipment purchases and operations expenses.

Fat Bike Grooming 2018/2019

GBCTA has […]

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Summer Ski Trails Work 2018

This was a busy and productive summer for the GBCTA on WBC ski trails. Here are some of the projects that were completed:

  • In partnership with Bragg Creek Excavating the GBCTA completed installation of 2 new bridges to cross creeks that previously had culverts which chronically froze creating dangerous ice flows. These were among the biggest projects GBCTA volunteers have ever undertaken involving the transport […]
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Trail Counter on TransCanada Trail

Trail Counter Installed on the TransCanada Trail (TCT) in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek
The GBCTA installed a trail counter on the TCT in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek in October 2018. The trail counter can distinguish between cyclists and pedestrians. The GBCTA will provide trail count information to the public in 2019 once we have sufficient data.
Thanks to TCT for supplying the trail counter to the GBCTA. Many […]

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WBC Trails Training Future Olympians?

Emily Batty Project featuring XC Bragg Creek Mountain Bike Program

The XC Bragg Creek Performance Program grooms young mountain bikers for competition

By Tara Nolan

Anyone who has mountain biked at Bragg Creek over the last few years has witnessed the evolution of the trail network—the parking lot itself has room for about 600 cars. That evolution also extends to the youth who live in the area […]

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