The Heart Steps Up for 50/50 Fundraiser

This winter The Heart in Bragg Creek was an integral part of the 50/50 fundraiser. Contributors could purchase their decal at the Heart as well as pick up decals purchased online. GBCTA appreciates the support of Bragg Creek businesses and The Heart has been a long time contributor supporting our annual fundraiser Tunes For Trails ever year as well.

With Gratitude


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A Huge Thank you To Our Winter Trails Team!

I think most will agree this has been a most exceptional year – huge thanks go to the ski grooming team (Lead groomer Jeff, David, Bill, Dan, Erik, Greg, Alf, Brad, Dean, Dwayne and Carber) and also the fat bike trail grooming operation under the leadership of AJ.

But – no rest for the wicked – there is a great deal of routine maintenance that needs to […]

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Thank You!! – Past President – Robert Sadée


After 11 years of hard work and commitment, Robert Sadee is stepping down as President of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) and we would like to offer him a huge THANKYOU!

Since 2004, after chairing the trails sub-committee (part of the MD’s Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan), the GBCTA was formed and the group hit the ground […]

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