Alberta Parks has officially launched an eBike pilot project at West Bragg Creek, Ribbon Creek, Glenbow Ranch and Fish Creek Parks.  The description of the new policy is found here.

EBikes have always been permitted on trails on the Public Land Use Zone, including most of the West Bragg Creek Trails but not in the WBC PRA (parking lot and a few hundred metres around the perimeter where eBikes were allowed but not using pedal assist).  The new pilot policy makes it legal for people to use eBikes (as specified) within the West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area (the parking lot and a few hundred metres around the perimeter).

So, this is nothing new for 95% of the WBC trails.  It does, however make it clear right from the trailheads that pedal assist eBikes are permitted on WBC trails. The signs are now in place at each trailhead kiosk at WBC.

There is also a survey available on that same website. They are encouraging all trail users to provide their feedback there.