Fat Bike Fat Wallet Update – Jan 1st 2019

The GBCTA would like to thank all those who donated to our successful Fat Bike Grooming Fundraising Campaign.  We would especially like to thank Alison and Darrell Jones, who donated $12,000 and enabled us to significantly exceed our goal of $12,000.  We raised $18,911 for fat bike grooming equipment purchases and operations expenses.

Fat Bike Grooming 2018/2019

GBCTA has a strong team of volunteer groomers for fat bike treadsetting this year and would like to add another bike and tow device to our equipment arsenal.  Our operations are 100% donor funded so your support goes directly into the trails you love. Your generosity is much appreciated. Please donate at the parking lot donation boxes or by visiting Canada Helps.

Thank you to all who support GBCTA! We couldn’t do it without you.

Many thanks to our volunteer groomers! Dave Kunz, Willie Prebushewsky, Mike Christ, Con Schiebel, Dean Cockshutt, Brad McMorran and Tim Hudema.

Donations to Jan 1 2019 – Thank You!

We would especially like to thank Alison and Darrell Jones, who donated $12,000.

Amanda Blue
David Andersen
Graeme West
Ryan Day
Vaughn Wallace
Wade Belbin
Freeman Mercer
Dennis Smaggus
Sean Phillips
Aaron Taylor
Travis Cooke
Ivan Dansie
Dwayne Homan
Rosalie Lapierre
Shaun Fox

Gary Chambers
H J Miller
Jeff Hill
Julian Buchynski
Margo Fearn
Carol Guthrie
Dieter Kromm
David Stewart
Rick Maunsell
Terry Killackey
Doug Carr
Ryan Aquilini
Kent Martin
Timothy Stephenson
Dieter Kromm

Richard Fenemore
Scott Maw
Josee Anderson
Percy and Bouwien Rotteveel-Luppes
Dominic and Susan Orsler
Bruce Johnson
Scott Rowe
Verne Wood
Lucian Cerny
Rod and Patti Davidson
Lori Walsh
Michael T Wolf Professional Corp
Becky Rogala
Deborah Peters
John Schmidt
Mat Bouma

Our grooming set up!

This winter the GBCTA is hoping to have 2 grooming systems available to tread set and 8 volunteer groomers in WBC! We are looking forward to a great season!

See you on the trails!