It is requested that only fat biking (tires greater than 3.7 inches), hiking and snowshoeing are conducted when these trails are snow covered or soft and easily damaged.

Did You Know?

Every season over 100’s  of volunteer hours are spent treadsetting the All Season Trails for fat biking in West Bragg Creek. And over 8000 volunteer hours collectively is spent by volunteers in the GBCTA every year. Please respect the trails and consider showing your appreciation by donating. (You can select a choice of options from the dropdown on Canada Helps to funnel your donation to various designations.)

Dedicated Volunteers Are Fat Bike Treadsetting Today

GBCTA has a strong team of groomers for fat bike treadsetting this year and would like to add another bike and tow device to our equipment arsenal. Our goal to fund the 2019/2020 fat bike operational expenses is $15,000. Our operations are 100% donor funded so your support goes directly into the trails you love. Your generosity is much appreciated. Please donate at the parking lot donation boxes or by visiting Canada Helps.

Many thanks to our volunteer groomers in 2019/20! Dean Cockshutt, Dave Kunz, Will Prebushewsky, Tim Hudema, Pat Clements, Micheal Tenace and Paul Saunders.

Your contribution is vital, so please give generously. You will receive a charitable income tax receipt for donations over $20. Thank you to all who support GBCTA! We couldn’t do it without you.

Make a Donation to Support Fat Bike Grooming in West Bragg Creek

Many thanks to the treadsetting crew of previous years – Ed and A.J.

Fat Bike Grooming Fundraising Update Jan 3, 2020

We Raised $11,350 of Our $15,000 Goal

See list of people who generously donated.

Groomers spent approx. 15 hours after each snowfall. See Q & A with our lead groomer Dean.

Thanks to all who donated and many thanks to our GBCTA fat bike groomers. Banner image by Baruch Laskins.

The Early Days of Treadsetting…

When I started experimenting with treadsetting for fatbiking in December of 2015 and January of 2016, I was pulling a groomer with snowshoes and my fatbike. I was setting a track on the logging road between Snakes n Ladders were it crosses Ranger Creek and Mountain Road. Attached are some pictures of the early days of treadsetting… Someone else was also treadsetting in the area with a blue milk crate mounted on a piece of plywood.A.J.

Future Fat Bikers

Fat Biking in West Bragg Video

Shared with permission from Craig Ball