Well, how to share the deep sense of gratitude we feel for all the beautifully groomed trails this season!

Know that our family , that being Dave, Cailen, Pablo, Tessa, Ben, Chloe and myself express how much we’ve enjoyed our time out on the trails this year. We’ve heard countless exclamations of the impeccable trail conditions over hot beverages/treats and lunches at The Heart.. many stories and so many asking to extend their gratitude.

As you are aware Im sure, so often our human family is quick to express openly when they are displeased or unhappy, and not so open about expressing pleasure or gratitude. I hope you will take a moment and feel into all the thousands thousands of experiences that you have enhanced through your hard work this season. The countless smiles, laughter, heart beats and breaths… the connection with this most sacred piece of earth that you made accessible.

Off to get my ski boots on and get out there once again!

With deep gratitude,

Amarin, friends & family