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All Season Trails Update:

Monday, November 12, 2018  

Another 5-8 centimetres of snow on top of frozen dirt, ice patches and crusted old snow. Conditions are good for fat-biking and hiking.  If temperatures warm up, the snow will melt on sun exposed aspects.  as

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Ski & Winter Trails Update:

Monday, November 12, 2018   There are 5-8 centimetres of new snow on top of either old, hard snow, ice or mud. Some trails have been roller-packed to help with snow retention, but there is not enough snow for skiing.  As long as the ground is frozen, the tread is not prone to damage from hiking or riding, but this will can change quickly, if the snow melts and the ground softens. Please prevent damage by avoiding the trails if the ground is soft. as

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Single Tracks Via Trailforks

Clear / Green
Minor Issue / Yellow
Significant Issue / Amber
Closed or Major Issue / Red

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