Hello Friends and Volunteers of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA)

By  now you may have heard some of the media attention that has been aimed at groups such as ours that involves a “stop work order” issued by Alberta Parks for volunteer activities under their jurisdiction on  public lands.  As the result of this order all volunteer groups are expected to review their safety programs to ensure that  they  are  in compliance with all the new Occupational Health and Safety regulations  and Labour  Codes. We are currently finalizing our safety manual and training program so that all our volunteers return home safe and sound after every work day.
While our Summer Trail Program is currently being reviewed by Alberta Environment and Parks the GBCTA has demonstrated our Safety First culture as this “stop work order” was lifted for the past Winter Ski Trail Program. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter as we again await approval and welcome any questions, comments, or feedback.
We would also ask that you consider coming out and volunteering at one of our upcoming Trail Days to help get the trails back into top shape after a very wet Spring. Our volunteer calendar is now posted on Better Impact — please view
— please contact Mike (Volunteer Coordinator) at volunteer@braggcreektrails.org for further information or direction on how to sign up.
Again, we value our volunteers’ time and effort greatly and want to ensure rewarding experiences with Safety First as a core belief. Our volunteers are the stars who make the trails shine — thank you!!!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Regards, Conrad Schiebel (GBCTA VP)  conschiebel@gmail.com