Hello Friends and Volunteers of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA)

The GBCTA is has adopted a vigorous Health and Safety Environment Program that is in compliance with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. In doing so we have become a leader within the trail building community for developing safe work practices and procedures specific to trail work.

Volunteers are expected to follow the safe practices and procedures under the direction of our highly trained and experienced crew leaders. Personal protective equipment and training will be provided as required. A list of personal equipment required will be provided prior to the work day. First aid and emergency communication equipment is deployed with every work crew.

It is mandatory that volunteers fill out a GBCTA Volunteer Agreement in order to receive WCB coverage.

Volunteers will be expected to participate in pre-work safety meeting called tailgate meetings as well as subsequent onsite huddles to discuss risk mitigation. Volunteers will be expected to acknowledge risks associated with the day’s work and sign the Field Hazard Assessment Form.

Volunteers have rights that pertain to establishing a safe work environment for themselves and others.

The ultimate goal of the GBCTA is that everyone returns home safe and sound after a day working on the trails.