Letter of Support for Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association Ski Grooming 

Dear GBCTA board members: 

XC Bragg Creek Ski and Bike Society (XCBC) is a community oriented, youth focused, ski and mountain bike club based in Bragg Creek with over 680 program registrants since April 2018. XCBC offers both recreational and competitive opportunities for cross country skiers, mountain bikers and a recently added ‘camera biathlon’ program. All programs primarily run on West Bragg Creek trails, however I’m writing this letter specifically in reference to the GBCTA ski grooming operations. 

XCBC members are very supportive and appreciative of the work that the GBCTA does to build and maintain a high quality trail system. XCBC is aware that most of the trail building, ongoing maintenance, winter grooming and upkeep of the new warming hut is performed by the GBCTA. 

We are aware how dedicated and hardworking the GBCTA volunteers are; however in order to be a resilient organization and to continue to maintain high quality and safe trails, and to maintain the equipment required for this work, we can appreciate that volunteer dedication isn’t always enough. We understand that operational funds are required. Therefore we collect donations from our program registration and also contribute funds to the GBCTA out of our own operations funds. Like the GBCTA, we are also a non-profit organization and need to allocate our funds wisely, we aim to financially support the GBCTA as much as possible. Without the current ski grooming, our programs would not be as successful and, would not be as safe. Regularly maintained ski trails provide a safer environment for our skiers as well as to the greater outdoor winter community including bikers, walkers and equestrians. 

In particular, we would like to recognize the significant time and energy contribution the GBCTA grooming team has made for the Alberta Youth Championships (ages 10-13). This is our communities’ 8th year hosting the event. Coaches and participant’s parents provide extensive positive feedback on the quality of this event. Frankly, without the GBCTA ski grooming, our event would not be achievable in West Bragg. It truly takes a village to raise champions. Please continue to support the ski grooming operations in West Bragg Creek to the same standards as they currently exist. We will continue to support GBCTA however we can by club members volunteering their time and donating funds. 

Flora Giesbrecht
Head Nordic Ski Coach
XC Bragg Creek Ski & Bike Society