WBC Trail Projects for 2018

The 2018 West Bragg Creek trail construction season:
  1. Finish construction of Kestrel.  This is a new trail that connects the north tip of Merlin View with the re-built section of Tom Snow trail and Highway #68.  This spectacular route will allow people to connect all the way through to Dawson Trailhead and Cox Hill Trail.
  2. Upgrades and repairs to the existing trail network. This includes work on Snakes & Ladders, Strange Brew, Ranger Summit, Boundary Ridge and a new Sugar Mama bridge.

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Mike Padley, at volunteer@braggcreektrails.org if you require any further information or assistance navigating through to sign up.

There are trail dates for Sept and Oct that will be posted shortly.

First Trail Date is Wed June 6.