Getting together with friends for a ride out at West Bragg followed by a little ‘Parking Lot Apres’ — now that is the definition of a great day!!!  Why not take the experience to the next level… and come out for a volunteer Trail Day this Spring/ Summer.  Not only do we need volunteers to finish new trails but our amazing existing trails need regular maintenance too.  It’s a 2 for 1, you get the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie AND the trails get some much needed TLC!!!  Hey, or just do it for the swag!!!

We do Corporate Team Building or Club/Group Volunteer Days

The GBCTA has a well trained group of Crew Leaders both in terms of safety and trail building.  Whether you want to sign your company up for a Corporate Team Building Day, involve your Club, or simply round up riding friends for your own day we will work with you on dates, projects, etc.  There is no charge.  We will be posting our calendar for regular Trail Days on the website (coming soon) so certainly sign up individually  but after getting a ton of positive feedback on the many Group Trail Days we ran last year we wanted to highlight the concept and get it out there.

Volunteering is a Rewarding Experience!

I look forward to hooking up your Private Group, Company, Organization, or Club for a super fun and rewarding experience.  The next time you ride please just take a moment to think about the volunteer effort required to deliver the amazing trails at West Bragg.  Please email me at for more details, to sign up, or in qualifying to take a Crew Leader Training Course with us in May or June.

It’s the stars who volunteer that make our trails shine!!!

Mike – Volunteer Coordinator, GBCTA