GBCTA West Bragg Creek (WBC) Parking Lot Cellular Hotspot is now available for public use

The GBCTA is pleased to announce that we have installed a cellular hotspot immediately south of the GBCTA Trails Centre at the WBC Parking Lot.  This small hot spot is now available for free public use including emergency calling, cell calls and internet data/email (provided your device is equipped with a cellular data plan).  The hot spot works best on the Rogers network, but does also work on the Telus and Bell networks.

The GBCTA would like to recognize David Cebuliak, who’s over the top efforts were instrumental in establishing this cellular hot spot, despite numerous technical challenges.

The GBCTA would like to thank Alberta Parks for approval of this GBCTA cellular hot spot.

The GBCTA believes this cellular hot spot addresses a public safety concern by providing, for the first time ever, communication for the public at the WBC parking lot in the event of an emergency.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our GBCTA President Conrad Schiebel at