Emily Batty Project featuring XC Bragg Creek Mountain Bike Program

The XC Bragg Creek Performance Program grooms young mountain bikers for competition

By Tara Nolan

Anyone who has mountain biked at Bragg Creek over the last few years has witnessed the evolution of the trail network—the parking lot itself has room for about 600 cars. That evolution also extends to the youth who live in the area and the efforts being made to introduce them to mountain biking. Many have been nurtured into skilled riders by the XC Bragg Creek (http://www.xcbraggcreek.ca/) recreational mountain biking program, which aims to get kids from ages six through 11 on bikes. Or, it’s possible the pint-sized MTBer who is smoking you on the trails is part of the XC Bragg Creek Performance Team, which was formed a couple of years ago by Dustin Leclerc and Dwayne Ellis.

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XCBC trains on the GBCTA West Bragg Creek Trails summer and winter – x-country skiing and mountain biking.