About Horseback Riding in the Winter in West Bragg Creek

  • Equestrians are welcome on the All Season trails system, shown on maps in brown colour, EXCEPT those that are designated as ski trails from Dec 1 to March 31 annually
  • Where the access to these trails shares sections with ski trails, such as accessing Ranger Summit or Boundary Ridge from the Parking area, please stay to the far left, and ride single file so as not to impact tracks and grooming for skiers
  • The perimeter trail around the parking area is not trackset but it is groomed. Please kick any manure off this trail to aid in the grooming work. A short, separate trail for equestrians leading from the hitching rails, across the perimeter trail then west to the kiosk on Mountain Road is being developed and will help separate horses and other users in this congested area.
  • Do not leave manure in the parking area or throw it into the bush. Pick it up and take home in your trailer. Please do your part to show we are responsible trail users.

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